After a decade with Keystone Network (later haystack) I decided to pursue my passion for high standard qualitative research as an Independent Qualitative Research Organizer.

During the last years I specialized in becoming a partner for international research companies looking for a trustworthy partner that can handle the organization of fieldwork in Belgium and internationally.

This decade of experience enabled me to build up a trustworthy and very extended network of like-minded Senior freelancers that share the same passion for top-notch qualitative research.
Guaranteeing you the best moderators and analysts with a genuine specialization in qualitative research. For each project I partner up with a team (moderators, interpreters, recruiters and facilities) that disposes of the necessary knowledge and experience and are best suited for executing your specific project.
For each project you get a complete team that, besides having the highest possible expertise, offers you creative thinking, heaps of enthusiasm and great analysis.